Cheap thrills: 1974 BMW 2002 Tii


This 2002 Tii is not a concours specimen, but on the other side it as all the right things in the right places to be an head turner anyway.


Apart from the aesthetic point of view, this is a Tii and its four inline engine fed by one of the most sophisticated MFI of that period, was a 2-litre engine which produced 133 h.p. which were a lot for a four seater coupé built in 1974.


Apart from being the most sought E10 model (after the Turbo), the previous owner made some modifications to give the car a “bad” look: front air dam, Alpina style wheels, sport exhaust, sport seats as well as a new steering wheel, apart form these things the car is quite stock and, although not perfect, looks like a real nice driver. Find it for sale at $15,995 here in Stafford, VA.


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