Call the police: 1942 Lancia Artena Torpedo by Pninfarina


This car was built in 1942 for some high-ranked official of the italian police: of course, being built in the middle of the WWII, it was born with the color preferred by the fascist government.


As usual for a Lancia prior to be in Fiat’s hands, also this one was characterised by a sophisticated engineering: the engine was a two litre SOHC V4 mated to a four speed transmission and capable to reach 70 mph: not much for today standards but way enough for a period when most of the roads weren’t even paved.


The seller says that the car is perfectly working and that it has recently passed the annual inspection. No photos of interiors and engine bay unfortunately, on the other side in 1942 (the last production year of the Artena) only 91 cars were made and this one has still the original and unique black plate. Find it for sale at €80,000 (today $94,500) here in Parma, Italy.

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