Centerfold color: 1968 Fiat Dino 2000 Coupé


The color of this Dino 2000 Coupé is maybe the best on a Dino seen so far, the only doubt we have is about its originality.


Fact is that this color clearly draws attention as many people are actually watching the eBay auction een though there are no bids so far: that’s mostly because this car looks nice but it is not perfect.


The seller says that the engine has been overhauled as well as the transmission but the list is quite long: new shocks, hoses, belts and a rebuilt steering box. New stainless steel fuel tank and exhaust, last but not least, a new set of Michelin tires. There are though some blisters on the paint but they don’t seem a big issue. Find it for sale here in Southampton, NY, with a initial bid of $37,000 and no further bids so far.

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