2nd generation: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce


This Giulietta Sprint Veloce (chassis #1493E*25815, engine AR00106*01131) is not one of the valuable 1st series cars: it’s a 101 series but that doesn’t make it less rare than the 750E.


Indeed we’ve forgotten the last time we saw one for sale: of course these cars have not the “racing” details of the 750 series: no perspex windows or things like those but still they have the racing DNA under the hood: twin cam, twin carburetors and higher compression then their “normale” sisters.


This car is said to have been fully restored starting from a solid basis: it’s clear than the car has a new paint, gaskets and interiors but the undercarriage is not as detailed as a fully restored car is supposed to have. However, that’s not a major flaw as long as the numbers are correct, as they actually are. Find it for sale at €100,000 (today $117,500) here in Pesaro, Italy.

2 thoughts on “2nd generation: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

  1. Another one surfaces. There are not many Sprint Veloce’s when you compare them to other Veloce models. There are fewer Sprint Veloce”s than there are 1600 Giulia Veloce’s. This one is a great example. You are correct about the fact we don’t see too many of these come up for sale. Someone is going have a nice car to drive. By the Sprint Veloce Register, this is a mid year 1960 production car.


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