Feeling blue: 1963 Fiat 1600S OSCA Coupé


Update, 29th of March: the seller told us that the car has been sold.

As usual we monitor how many 1600S are for sale around and as usual no more than one or two of these type 118b are for sale in an year. This is the first one of 2017.


This car is said to be a preserved specimen which basically needs nothing even though is way far to be a perfect car; actually the seller says that the worst part of this car s the dashboard but we would see so much more than the interiors (which don’t look bad at all, especially for the color which matches the blue paint).


We would like to see how’s the engine bay, he trunk, the floors and have some more info about a car produced in less than 300 units, so it’s very rare. Whatever, the only thing to do is to inspect the car to remove any doubt. Find it for sale at €27,000 (today $29,000) here in Tavagliato, Italy.



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