Original configuration: 1972 De Tomaso Pantera


Just like the seller says, it is not easy to find a Pantera in its original, clean configuration: most Panteras have been modified in order to make them look “bad”.


This car however, it is said to have been pampered all its life including a major restoration in 2002 when the body has been stripped to bare metal an painted from a skilled professional. In the same occasion the car had also new body gasket, an aluminium intake manifold, a new Holley carburetor, new A/C compressor and a new Ansa exhaust system.


The engine is the stock Ford 351 Cleveland with new aluminium cam covers, the nit is cooled by a hi-performance aluminium radiator which has replaced the old unit. The stainless steel is said to be almost perfect, basically the whole car looks very good, solid and correct also because the replaced parts come with the car. Find it for sale at $109,000 here in Vidalia, GA.


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