Envy green/2: 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal


This metallic green Montreal is said to be a 1971 car, so it is one of the very first made as the first batch, given to the press for testing and photo shooting were given in April of that year.


Then this car is painted in one of the two most favorite colors (by us): Orange comes first, then Metallic Green like this specimen which, by the way, is said to have been fully restored; actually the seller has posted a photo where the car is pictured completely disassembled with the body stripped to bare metal.


The engine too is said to be completely rebuilt and to have run only 40 kms since the assembly, so that’s basically a new unit. Unfortunately there’s a problem: the seller says that the Spica MFI has problems as the engine runs but not as good as it’s supposed to do. We know well this problem and it could be solved; there are a couple of specialists in Europe who can fix that (one in Italy and another in Switzerland), plus one in the U.S.A. Find it for sale at €48,000 (today $53,000) here in Visciano, Italy.

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