Rarity: 1957 Fiat 1100 TV by Pininfarina


This car is indeed a rarity as few more than 100 were built among 1st and 2nd series: this car belongs to the first series and it’s in the U.S.A.


You can easily distinguish a first series from a second as this last one has two little fins, ending with small and rounded taillights, and also a wrapping rear glass. The first series had a small rear glass and no fins. There are also some things which differs among the two series but they’re basically details.


We remember this car: it was auctioned and sold in 2007, so if you do your homework you could find it somewhere on the web. Painted in a beautiful midnight blue with a contrasting interiors, this little coachbuilt car is really an head-turner. Some details, like the black steering wheel and some bits, are not correct as they don’t belong to a TV model but to a Normale, however this is still a Mille Miglia eligible car so it will not go cheap. Find it for sale here in Lake Worth, FL. wit bidding at $15,000 and reserve price way far to be met.

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