Two options: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

This Giulietta Spider is one of the most wanted Alfa because it’s a 750 and it’s an “F” model which means that is a Veloce: unfortunately the original engine is not with the car anymore.

$_4 (2)

Indeed this car is equipped with an AR112 engine which comes from a Giulia Spider: the 1600 cc has for sure much more torque than the revvy 1300 fed by two Weber carburetors but unfortunately who looks for this car wants the original engine: the new owner will not have it but the car comes with a correct Veloce engine in a crate.

$_4 (1)

This particular car (chassis #1495*07938) looks like a good driver: it has many imperfections but the seller says that it had only three owners and that white is the original color: interiors were originally red but strangely who rehupolstered them chose the black option. The seller has provided a long description which is important for whoever has serious intentions about this car. Find it for sale here in Costa Mesa, CA, with a buy it now price of $53,990.

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