Patina tourer: 1964 Morgan +4 Tourer


When wee see and old, unrestored Morgan of course our first thought goes to the rust and to the rotten wood, but could be an exception to this cliché.


Actually this is a car which, as the seller says, has been drive the last time about twenty years ago from California to Nevada and then parked and never driven since. So, the dry climate of Nevada helped this car to remani in the actual conditions.


The seller has posted several photos of the car, including some of theunddercarriage which seems actually dry and that’s a huge achievement for a every 50 years old car, but even more for a british roadster which is said to have 25,000 original miles which aren’t an unlikely mileage, considering the typical use of these cars. I the end, this is an interesting Morgan which, in our opinione, needs mostly its interiors to be redone (along with brakes and fuel linr), and then it could be driven as is. Find it for sale at $20,900 here in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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