Yellow bird: 1966 Matra-Bonnet Djet 5


The Djet has always been the “bad girl” among french cars of the sixties: that’s also true that France didn’t gave birth to a many sports car but this is for sure the most famous of them after, of course, the Alpine 110.


And, like the A110, this was an expensive car: not very powerful (It is equipped with a Renault C1E with a displacement of 1108 cc. producing 70 hp) but, thsnks to its fiberglass body, its weight isn’t around 1,400 pounds, so the fun is pretty assured.


This particular car is said to be in very good conditions: the seller says that the chassis (the olny component which cpuld rust) has no corrosion at all. Apart from the wheels, the car looks pretty original and it still has the beautiful Jaeger clocks. No photos of the engine bay unfortunately but we suspect that it will be good as well. Find it for sale at €24,900 (today $28,000) here in Ligueil, France.


2 thoughts on “Yellow bird: 1966 Matra-Bonnet Djet 5

  1. When I clicked on the link it did not go to a D’Jet listing. I am looking for one to buy so would love to know what happened with this one.


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