Puzzling puzzle: 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4


This is not the first time we find a DB2/4 for sale in need of a total restoration, however it’s the first time that we see one for sale spread around a garage.


That is because someone has begun to disassemble the car in order to perform a serious restoration job on this blue chip classic but, clearly, something went wrong and now the car is just a pile of parts which need to be reassembled even before to start the restoration: that’s because you’ll never realize if some part is missing until you put thee car back together.


The seller says that this car has been sold new in NewZealand (a very long trip indeed!) painted in Peony red with tan interiors and that’s actually a very nice color combo. Unfortunately (for some) this car is RHD, like the 90% of the DB2/4 (and every early Aston Martin) but on such a rare car that’s a minor flaw. Find it for sale at £99,000 (today $130,000) here in Brescia, Italy.


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