Seller submission: 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina



Alberto from Italy has submitted to us his nice looking Alfa Romeo 1750 berlina which has to go in order to fulfill other projects, so here it is: it’s green (Verde Pino Chiaro) with tobacco interiors and a big white “Biscione” on the hood.


It’s clear that the owner wanted to give the car a proper “angry” look which fits well every Alfa since the fifties: then the Stickers on the hood which are easily removable . The bumpers, although not installed, will come with the car and they’re said to be in nice conditions.


Actually the whole car looks good: the engine bay is clean and accomodates the engine which has not been tuned; we didn’t ask for the original wheels but we suppose that are with the car: for sure the BWA mag wheels actually installed look good and they’re period correct as well.


IMG_8549 (1)

Nothing bad to say about the interiors which look original and match perfectly with the green body. We haven’t had any photo of the undercarriage but we suppose you can ask about it to the seller. This nice 1750 is for sale in Italy at €14,000 (today $16,000). If interested, you can contact the seller by the form below.

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