Only two made: 1949 Triumph TRX-HKV 20



We didn’t know about the existence of this car: ok, maybe our knowledge of british cars is smaller than the italian one but we didn’t imagine to miss a factory produced car.


The seller says that this is one of the two HKV produced: maybe they realized that the car was too heavy and slow so this project was definitely abandoned; that’s a shame as this car looks beautiful: it looks like a german or italian streamliner of the late thirties. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find further info about this car.


The seller says that this car has been stored for the last 16 years and all the parts are with the car with the exception of the bonnet and the soft top: whatever it is missing, this will be a very challenging project for the new owner but, at last, this special car is worth the time you’ll spend on it. Find it for sale at $95,000 here in Koln, Germany. Thanks to Frits for this tip!

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