Keep choosin’: 1960 Italia 2000 by Vignale


February 23, 2016

Here it is the same car for sale, this time with an huge price drop at €64,000 (today $70,500). The price drop is reasonable as this car needs many fixes to be a top car.

October 26, 1015


As it usual happens, you can look for your desired car for months before finding one, and then suddenly many jump on the market together.


That’s it for the Italia 2000: this is the third one we see for sale in less than three weeks: not bad for a car produced in little more than 300 specimens. This particular car is the second one for sale in Italy, while there was one, with a restoration just finished, for sale in the USA with a reserve price set over $129,000 (which hasn’t been met).


This particular car has basically no description, so we can’t see which which body number it has, for sure that should be low as the car is said to be registered in 1960, so we suppose it should has a body number less than 100. What wee can see is that it looks a good car but far to be perfect: it misses the lower sill trims and the Vignale badges,  seats have a strange stitching pattern. On the other side the steering wheel is not original but it’s a gorgeous aftermarket item: we’re not sure of it but it could be a Peretti wheel. Find it for sale at €90,000 (today $99,000) here in Milano, Italy.

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