Off road sedan: 1966 Maserati Quattroporte


This Quattroporte has been, as the seller says, off road since many years. We would add that even before being parked, the previous owner didn’t care much about it.


Indeed is for sure a complete car: it looks like it doesn’t miss anything and that’s because, luckily, it hadn’t the same destiny of many other cars which regularly are cannibalized where they don’t move from the same place since many years. This looks to have every correct component but the trip needed to make it shine again is long and expensive.


It looks a car imported from Europe as the speedometer in kph tells us, and it has an automatic gearbox: while this is a deprecated optional on Ghibli, we must admit that on this model it has sense: this car was born to be sold to rich, mature men who wanted to hang around in confort and luxury, without breaking their left ankle to push the clutch pedal. Find it for sale at £16,500 (today $25,500) here in Gaylordsville, CT. Thanks to reader Vlad for this suggestion!

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