Middle class luxury: 1964 Siata 1500 TS Coupé


In the mid sixties, the end of the coachbuild era began to appear at the horizon. Luckily there was still space for some more experiment on wheels.

ScreenShot004This is the second Siata 1500 TS published here, the other one was painted in gold which is a color that many don’t like: white has less personality for sure but at the same tame it fits more people’s tastes. The 1500 TS was one of the many special cars built on Fiat platform as they were easy to be customized and reliable.

ScreenShot005Indeed the chassis and engine of this car is the same of other Fiats like the 1500 spider, while the body was designed by Michelotti and built by Siata itself. The engine is not the OSCA twin cam but the pushrod 1500 cc unit fed by one carburetor: less performance means also a greater duration and reliability. However the engine was not entirely stock: Siata was not a rookie into the engine tuning so this unit has more power, near to 80 hp, than the stock engine. The car itself looks nice: good interiors, a quite detailed engine bay with the correct red wrinkle paint on the rockers cover, and the original black plate. A rare model for the price. Find it for sale at €XX,XXX (today $XX,XXX) here in Treia, Italy.

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