Last chance: 1958 Porsche 356A T2 Speedster


The seller of this car is a known classic car dealer established in Austria and specialized in Porsche trading, but in this case the car they’re selling is still in the U.S.A.

s3It’s a Porsche Speedster built in 1958, the last production year of this car, painted in white with a black interior and, even if almost hidden by the low quality photo, a roll bar behind the front seats. But, apart from the roll bar which is probably not welded to the floors, the car looks in quite acceptable shape: the body misses some trims (for example the front lid handle) and bumpers: we’re pretty sure that few will miss the bumpers but the aftermarket is plenty of those.

s4Interiors too looks complete with a correct steering wheel and apparently correct clocks, for sure the seats are correct. Now the seller doesn’t say anything about rust or if the car has matching numbers (we suppose that if it was so, the seller would have said it). Then the asking price: we are aware that the money asked for this car would be enough to buy an house in any place of the world (almost) but still, this is the cheapest Speedster found for sale during the last two year and half. Find it for sale at €180,000 (today $205,000) here (N.J. or Austria, you choose).

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