Alfa first: 1964 Elva Courier MKIII


The seller of this Mark III Courier says that he has bought the car just few months ago but now he’s selling it as his wife prefers an Alfa Romeo.

By the way, speaking of Alfa Romeo, it comes out that white is not the original color of this car which was indeed red when it leaved the factory. Whatever it is, the seller says that the paint is a ten footer and that there are some areas which needs to be touched up; on the other said he says that the engine, as well as the whole mechanical parts, is in very good conditions and that almost $20K have been spent on them (a huge list of service works is available).

What we really like of this car are also the special center lock rims which were an optional feature for these cars which, thanks to their 1600cc, MG engine, are quick and reliable with the exception of the wiring, many components of which were made by the british company Lucas, also known as “The lord of darkness”. Find it for sale here in Boerne, TX, with a starting bid of $34,950.

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2 Responses to Alfa first: 1964 Elva Courier MKIII

  1. Tirefriar says:

    I haven’t bothered to look up the service receipts butl looking at under the hood shot I cannot see even 1/2 of the claimed amount. Cool little car but judging from the sales price the seller is trying to jump into a nice Duetto


  2. Classicvirus says:

    Actually it’s not easy to see these cars for sale so I can’t say if the asking price is fair for this car. Of course $20K of maintenance would be a lot even for a Ferrari.


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