Lateral thinking/2: 1961 Lancia Flaminia hearse


Your classic car can be the queen of the show mostly for a couple of reasons: it’s the most valuable car of the bunch or it’s something you really can’t see not only every day, but sometimes in a whole life.


That’s the case of this Lancia Flaminia from 1961 which, back then, was given a new hearse body maybe by a unknown body shop: back then (and still today somehow) there were a lot of shops who were specialized in these kind of transformations; this car arrived to us after many years of service and probably you won’t find another one like this around.


That’s a car which need a total restoration but it is said to be complete: we believe the seller as Italy is mostly a superstitious country so probably nobody wanted to touch this car, ever only to take some spare part from it. The car is clearly built on a Berlina (four doors) platform; many spare parts are available and, even if restoring it will be no cheap, you know that your bringing back to life (!) a unique automotive piece. Find it for sale at €7,000 (today $7,800) here in Vignola, Italy.


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