More than a Fiat: 1963 Moretti 750 Spider


Actually these cars were generally bought by someone who wanted to stand out of the crowd: they were more exclusive than the “usual” Fiats and they were also more customisable than a large production car, whilst sharing the same mechanical parts of the car it was based on.


On the other hand the higher price resulted in smaller sale numbers; that’s the simple reason why today it’s not easy to see one of these around and, when you find one for sale, you can’t buy it for a song. This particular car is not said to be a ’63 car: that’s just an our deduction which could be wrong, but for sure the production year is, if not 1963, very close, we suppose no more than an year earlier/later. It looks really good and indeed the seller says it has been restored: the beautiful gauges are still where they’re supposed to be; seats, dash and panels look correct and original. Few words and photos from the seller, but the asking price is clear. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $27,000) here in Potenza, Italy.

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