Burgundy goddess: 1965 Citroen “La Croisette” by Chapron


The nickname of the Citroen DS was “Deesse” which, in french language, means “Goddess”: this is not only a DS, but a rare cabriolet two door called “La Croisette” and built by Chapron.


To be honest, we are not pretty sure that the model is exactly “La Croisette” as Chapron built many model of these cabriolet (and not only) and every type had a different name. According to our researches this one should have the same name of the famous boardwalk of Cannes.


A problem with these cars is that as they are beautiful and expensive, many replicas have been made during the years so, before buying one, every car needs a deep due diligence to be sure that it is the real thing: what is barely copied from the original is the dashboard which seems correct in this car: the stock DS had not the Jaeger clocks but a horizontal speedo bar. Find this beauty for sale at €150,000 (today $165,000) here in Nice, France.

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