Rare twin cam: 1969 Fiat 125S Samantha by Vignale


Indeed this is the rarest twin-cam fiat of the sixties, and probably of all the twin cams made by Fiat. Actually this car was not built by Fiat but by Vignale coachworks: Fiat never recognized this car as on of their cars so much so these were not sold by official Fiat dealers. Around 100 were made and we suspect than much less still survives: indeed it happens to see one for sale no more than once in a year.


Just for these reason, we believe that this car needed more photos and a proper description: unfortunately the seller hadn’t the same opinion so what we can see are a couple of photos and no description at all. However, the car look pretty original and it has a nice color too: it should have the stock Fiat 125S 1600 c.c. twin cam engine which produced, when new, 100 hp, way enough to give some fun to the driver. Find it for sale at €14,000 (today $15,500) here in Parma, Italy.


4 thoughts on “Rare twin cam: 1969 Fiat 125S Samantha by Vignale

  1. You dont communicate because this a clearly a con. Classicvirus you would do well to be a bit more thorough in your selection if you are going to share your finds with people.


  2. Stephen, every online ad from a private party is potentially a con/scam, unless the asking price is at the top of the range. And even then, you’ll never be 100% sure unless you talk with the seller and see the car in flesh. We don’t catch your point about “go throught”: shall we contact every given seller before publishing an article? We’ve found many bargains which were real deals although they could seem fake, and that’s because for every article published we’ve trashed at least fifty of them. So please explain why this is “clearly” a con: please don’t tell me about two only photos or no description as we’ve seen ads worse than this which were true. If you have proof of that we’ll be glad to update the article thanks to your suggestion.

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