Two wheeled: 1965 Vokswagen Bus T1 “Samba”


Actually this Samba has its rear axle disassembled and stored inside the cabin: quite a problem when it will come the time to load it on the truck.

ScreenShot002These are very cute bus but lately they’ve reached unbelievable quotations: weren’t they car for the common people? We wonder how many former hippies can’t believe to their eyes when they see the prices of a restored T1 like this one.


And indeed this is a restorable one without, basically, glasses. That’s a bad news as, especially the roof glasses are not easy to be found and when you find it you’ realize that no one will make you a gift: a $90-100k request has become quite usual for these machines and everyone knows it, so don’t expect to restore it with few peanuts. The good is that, apart from the body, these VW are very basic cars: few wires, simple engine and drivetrain don’t require a wizard to fix them. It’s all about metal and upholstery. Find it for sale at €29,900 (today $33,000) here in Erlecom, The Netherlands.


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