European Caddy: 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250 SE Coupé



Yes indeed, if there is an european car which could be compared to a Cadillac, this would be the Mercedes-Benz “SE” series.


Indeed it has a beautiful line, it’s elegant, confortable and it has a roomy interiors as well as its trunk. The only weakness of this car is that its performance can’t give you goosebumps, both for the engine and for the suspensions of course tuned for the comfort, not to give their best around a track.


But, if you never tried the six-inline engine installed on these cars, you still can’t realize what does “smooth as silk” mean. These engine are really rock solid and in many occasions have cracked the one million miles threshold without much issues. But remember that the spare parts for this car are expensive and you often are forced to buy them from an official MB dealer, as you will not find them around. The body of this car looks fair and we can’t see a drama about the interiors: doing a proper restoration on this car would be a huge loss, but you can still use this car as your scruffy driver “in class”. Find it for sale at $18,750 here in Los Angeles, CA.

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