Something in the middle: 1969 Alfa Romeo GT 1750 Veloce


Actually this 1750 GTV is something about a barn find and a good, usable car: for sure it’s not a proper “Find” as the seller stores it in his garage.


Probably the car is stored and it has not been much used in the last years; interiors looks quite good even if they’re used as a storage area for what seem en entire set of quilts or something like them. The good is that, at least, the seller’s cat loves this GTV.


The seller says that this car has not sign of rust cancer and, indeed, the body looks nice even with its faded paint. Interiors looks good and original (at least what can be seen) and coherent with the U.S. specifications of this car: this is a MFI car so the Spica pump will for sure need some attentions. At the end of the day, this car could be even better in flash than what it seems from here. Find it for sale at $25,000 here in San Leandro, CA.

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