Just one missing detail: 1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2


When, once, a car like this one had a low value and the restoration costs easily overcame the final value, it often happened that they were cannibalized in order to supply spare parts for more valuable cars: we believe that this car had that story.


Indeed it looks like a quite good project: most (not all) parts are with the car and it doesn’t seem a wreck: indeed the seller himself says that there are some rust spots in the wheel wells (as usual) plus some other spots around; quite usual for an unrestored, 51 years old car.


The problem here is that this car is missing its engine: when you find it you shoudl be in the mood to spend at least $100K for it, then you have spent more than $200K before starting the restoration. Or, you have to settle for installing a not-Ferrari engine, like the american V8 installed so far on it: as usual, such decision is up to you. Find it for sale here in Englewood, CO, with b.i.n price of $115,000.


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