Black mistery: 1934 Fiat Balilla Coppa D’Oro


The mistery here has the shape of a matt black body which dresses what is said to be a Balilla Coppa d’Oro.


This car seems to be in France since a lot of time throughout which the car has for sure been neglected in the past. Then someone has begun a kind of restoration which is way far to be close to the original specifications of this car when it came out from the “Carrozzerie Speciali” shop.


But, what is really astonish us is the asking price of this car: of course the car needs again a total restoration and it also lacks of many original parts, beginning from the headlights and finishing to the engine which is not original. But again, even considering these defects, the asking price is way under the market average estimate. Whoever will buy this car, if the chassis numbers are ok, will make a great deal. Find it for sale at €30,000 (today $37,500) here in Saint-Avertin, France.


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