Ocean twelve: 1979 Ferrari 400 Automatic


Even the Ferrari 400 series, which has always been an affordable way to put your foot into the Ferrari world, in the last years has began to reach high prices. Luckily there are still cars around which are not so expensive, and this is one of those.


This is an automatic version of this grand tourer which has primarily designed for the american market: it has a beautiful color compo made by a gunmetal grey body with a red Connolly leather: both look nice. The seller says that this car has 64,000 original miles made in the dry climate of Southern California and that no expense have been spared to keep this car well running.


Indeed he says also that minor bubbling on the bumper which can been seen in the pictures provided, as well as two minor scratches. The air conditioning doesn’t blow cold air but apart from these things the seller says that the car runs perfectly and he has spent over $6,000 on it. The car has its owner’s manual and many papers related to its mantainance. Find it for sale at $39,000 here in Santa Barbara, CA.


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