Yellow little bird: 1967 Porsche 912 Coupé


This Bahama Yellow 912 was parked somewere in the late ’80s, just be brought back to light just after the classic car week.


The seller says that such color is “super rare”: we don’t have numbers in hand but we’ve seen a lot of early 911/12 painted in such color. However, we find that, when properly painted, it’s a seductive shade.


As it is a proper barn (or garage, or whatever it is) find, the car looks very complete and correct: sleeping in a garege saved her from being abused and modified just to make it seem a newer model: this habit was quite usual during the late ’80s and the early ’90’s. The seller says that, although he doesn’t have a CoA in hand, he called Porsche and they told him that’s a matching number car: discovering the thruth is up to you. Find it for sale at $12,500 here in Modesto, CA.


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