Muscle luxury sedan: 1976 De Tomaso Deauville


I barely remeber the Deauville because my father had it (for one week only) when I was younger than 10: I however remember how luxurious were the interiors and how huge was the torque of its 350 c.i. Ford engine.


The Deauville, designed by Tom Tjaarda, was made to compete with Mercedes and Jaguar on their own playground (indeed if you look at this car from the side and rear it looks really a Jaguar XJ). Apart from this, this car had independent rear suspensions, four disc brakes and a huge option list. As usual for De Tomaso, this car was at least the 30 percent more expensive than an equivalent Mercedes and, last bu not least, it was not approved by U.S. D.o.T., so few were made.


This particular car is said to be fully original, in beautiful conditions and it still has its tools, owner’s manual, original plates and pares, so the asking price is not a joke. On the other side, we don’t remember another one like this for sale in years. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $46,500) here in Bari, Italy.

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