Nice mistery: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce


This car looks has few misterious points which really puzzle us, it would be nice to solve them.


First, this car is claimed as a Veloce: we didn’t know about 750E cars made in 1958, but the car could even having been registered in that year. The chassis number plate is coherent with such statement and, watching the engine bay, the engine looks correct as well. The Weber DC03 are the correct carburetors without the choke system: also the head looks correct. There’s no photo of the engine numbers though.


This car should be a Veloce but we don’t see perspex door windows, the aluminium front bumper (the bonnet is made of aluminium) and neither the interiors trims, especially the door panels, which seem to come from a normal Giulietta Sprint. Last but not least, the asking price of this car is said to be “from” £9999 (today $17,000). Find it for sale somewhere in Spain.

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2 Responses to Nice mistery: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

  1. Greig says:

    The car is correct, it is a Series 1 Sprint Veloce Confortevole, one of 199 cars made, this one being one of 149 without window frames. Came just after the Lightweight, they had the same mechanicals as the 750E Lightweights but the trim of a Normale. Seat and interior color combination is correct for this car with the body in Rosso 501



  2. Classicvirus says:

    Thanks for the detailed description!


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