Style in miniature: 1962 Moretti 750 Coupé


This little coupé based on the Fiat 600 chassis is one of the last special cars made by Moretti using the chassis of the famous economy car made by Fiat.


But, cars like the Moretti coupè were made for those people who, albeit not wealty, had enoug financial resources to buy a car which should stand out of the crowd and, in the meantime, had a cheap manteinance cost.


This particular car is a survivor which clearly still has the original paint and the original interiors. Basically, we can’t spot a bolt which doesn’t seem original with the car. Interiors are very nice and pretty elegant: the instruments are original and beautiful as they are Jaeger with the “Moretti” badge. The leather seats (did you see that those are the same seats of the Flaminia Touring?) looks dirty but intact. Once cleaned and serviced, this car is a serious candidate for a “preservation class” prize. Find it for sale at €7,500 (today $10,100) here in Macerata, Italy.

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3 Responses to Style in miniature: 1962 Moretti 750 Coupé

  1. Daris says:

    Hello, I’m from Turin (Italy) and I’m finally finishing the restorarion of a 1963 Moretti 750 Coupè (close to 5 years working…); Looking at the above 1962 model I have now realized that mine is the second serie as rear lamps have been taken from Austin A40 (at that time also built in Italy as Innocenti A40) that follow lower part of the side tails; then in the front there is an aluminium grid between lower lamps (where ’62 has “moustache”). Body and interior colors apart (mine is white Fiat 207 with red interiors) the car looks exactly the same.
    I will be glad to share experience in restoring this car if you want as I am in contact with the last Mr. Moretti alive (Giovanni) from which I’ve got some precious information.
    Best regards and have fun with the “style in miniature” as you rightly said ;-)


  2. Classicvirus says:

    Daris, it would be nice to see the restoration progress. Share your info and photos with us and we’ll be glad to publish them. You csn contact us at the email address: classicvirusmail at gmail dot com


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