Spring sale: 1959 Abarth 750 GT Record Monza Bialbero by Zagato


The seller must be a sort of Abarth nut: not only this car is for sale but other two cars. One of these cars is said to be a former Briggs Cunningham Team car, painted in a stunning white with black stripes.


However, all these cars are in a stunning, restored conditions like this silver one: it looks so perfect that the future owner could have the “too nice do be driven” syndrome. Interiors are correct and like new; everything is in its place and how it’s supposed to be.


On the rear end, behold the magnificence of the italian craftmanship: the revvy twin cam looks like just assembled in Corso Marche, home of Abarth factory. Nothing to say about a car which has even the correct wheel nuts: just admire it or buy it, if you can. Find it for sale here in Nashua, NH, with bidding at $40,000 and reserve price way far to be met.


3 thoughts on “Spring sale: 1959 Abarth 750 GT Record Monza Bialbero by Zagato

  1. Wow, this seller certainly does own some nice vehicles. This one is absolutely stunning and in the background of photo #2, I can see a blue Fiat Abarth 1000, he certainly does have great taste in small displacement Italian screamers, doesn’t he ?
    The reserve price, if met, will be interesting. In any event thankyou for introducing me to this beauty !



  2. Jeff, I think that the reserve price on this car is so high that it could be unlikely met. Twin cam cars are scarce and, watching how fast prices have grown during the last three years, I can easily suppose that the reserve price is set between 170 and 200K.
    However, I’m always happy to delight a reader ;-)


  3. Thankyou for the response @Clasicvirus, it truly is a drag that a vehicle like this is unapproachable, if only !



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