Big sister: 1958 BMW Isetta 600 Limousine


The Isetta had also a big sister, and that was the 600 limousine. This version was capable to carry four people also with the help if an additional door on the passenger side. Of course it hasn’t the same funny look of the smaller sister, but it is an head turner indeed.


This particular car is painted in a stunning orange/white color combo with a tan interior; differently from the smaller sister it is equipped with the very peculiar “knife edge” bumpers which seems to be very effective.


The engine is an air cooled 582 c.c. engine which produces 26 h.p. and, as the car weights less than 1300 lbs, it can cruise at 62 m.p.h. with a great mileage consumption. A nice feature of this car is the presence of the owner’s manual. Find this fully restored Isetta for sale at $45,000 here in Weston, FL.

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