No superstition: 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Hearse


Actually hearses are always a good choice as they’re generally used less than a common car and as they often have had a good manteinance: it should be quite embarassing to have mechanical problems during a funeral.


This 280 SE, once removed the funeral “eqipment”, could be a nice station wagon as it looks very well cared. Interiors are made in a nice color cloth with a black/red color combo, while the gunmetal grey is a nice choice instead of the common black.


Unfortunately the seller says nothing about the condition of the car, but he states that the car has 37,000 original kms (23,000 mls) and we believe him. The engine bay looks good and, if this car had a proper servicing, the engine can be considered almost new as these units are rock solid. If you have not any superstition about it, find it for sale at €4,500 (today $6,100) here in Villongo, Italy.


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