Cheaper is harder: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale


Update, october 24: One day only and the car is gone.

October 24

We believed to have found a very good priced Giulia SS here, but we were wrong. This 1964 Giulia SS looks good, for sure not a concours car but for sure very far to seem in need of a urgent restoration as well.


The seller says only that this car is equipped with four disc brakes (usual on a Giulia SS), that it’s fully functioning and it’s registered at the italian historic veichles association (A.S.I.). Interiors are not shining but they’re correct with the exception of that strange lever under the steering wheel that seems the one needed by disabled drivers. Ugly radio but that’s not a flaw for sure.


The body looks nothing but very good, we would like to see some more detailed photos of undercarriage, engine bay and boot but, you know, at this price we are satisfied anyway. Find it for sale at €50,000 (today $69,000) here in Caserta, Italy.


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