The american way: 1960 Devin-D/Porsche Roadster


In the period between mid ’50’s and mid ’60’s many do-it-yourself builders engaged in building race cars, taking inspirations by european barchettas (mostly Ferrari) but with a cost much lower. The most famous of these guys was Bill Devin who established his workshop in El Monte, CA. He began to build fiberglass bodies using various engines: the Devin-D was equipped both with VW and Porsche engine and brakes.


The seller says that this particular car was originally equipped with Porsche engine, gearbox, wheels and drum brakes although it’s actually equipped with a VW engine and steering wheel.


It needs clearly of a full restoration: the good is that fiberglass doesn’t rust; the bad is that such body is said to have several cracks so it needs to be properly fixed. The Porsche engine is in pieces and it’s not cheap to rebuild. We don’t know if the gauges are original as it could be obvious that it should have VDO instruments; however on these hand built cars you cannot be sure of anything. Find it for sale here in Atlanta, GA, with a starting bid of $200 and no bids yet.

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