Naked metal: 1959 Abarth 750 DB by Zagato


This 1959 750 DB is completely naked: a lot of attention must be paid to be sure that every part is included in the sale and, if not, to know what parts are missing. On the other hand, in this way it’s possible to check the real status of the car without distractions.


This car seems indeed beaten on the front and rear end, but the overall status of the aluminium body is not so bad. However, always remember that here we have a total resto project and that only skilled hands can work on this tiny italian car.


The seller says that most of the Abarth parts come with the car and that the remaining bits are easy to find because they are typical of the Fiat 600 series: that’s true but it doesn’t mean that they are cheap too. Find this challenge for sale at north of $35,000 here in Northern California.


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