Striped Karmann: 1963 Porsche 356 SC


The seller says that this U.S. spec. 356 SC has been tuned by a known italian Porsche specialist, and since then it has run for about 1000 kms. It features a racing large stripe across the whole body which makes it look like a period racer.


Interiors are quite dull but feature a couple of racing seats, a fire estinguisher and a rollbar, along with a Momo steering wheel and some steel (?) feet pads: we don’t like the choice of such seats but they can be easily replaced with the proper units.


We wonder if this is a proper SC: the seller claims a power of 90 h.p. which is proper of an S90 engine which looks like an SC; so is this car a C with an S90 engine or a proper SC with its correct engine? Knowing the chassis number would have been helpful in determining the thruth but you can do it asking to the seller as well. This car is way far to be a concours specimen but just for this reason you will drive it much more. Find it for sale at €35,000 (today $46,000) here in Cremona, Italy.

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