Fast ‘n’ Loud: 1974 De Tomaso Pantera GT


This barn find (as the seller says) Pantera GT is clearly a U.S. spec. car, so it has the common and ugly D.O.T. approved bumpers and much dust everywhere. Actually the seller is Gas Monkey Garage, protagonist of the reality series “Fast ‘n’ Loud” on Discovery Channel.


We agree with the seller about the interior: it really is in good conditions and, more than a rebuild, it needs a bit of cleaning and detailing by expert hands. We can’t understand what steering wheel is that but that is a minor issue.


The best part of restoring these cars is the engine and gearbox which could be rebuilt also by a Jack Russell: easy and plenty of spare parts available everywhere on the market. We are not sure if this car needs a restoration: if we were the new owner, we’ll try to keep it as is as much as possible. Find it for sale here in Dallas, TX, with bidding just under $25,000 and reserve price met.


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