Many colors: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce


Ground up restoration needed for this ’67 GT Veloce: starting from blasting the whole body which features many layers of paint in different shades. Much probably the original color should have been “Verde Pino Scuro” (dark pine green), but someone here bets also on “Faggio” (beech).


The car hasn’t anymore the original 15″ steel rims but a set of later 14″ magnesium BWA rims. It’s good that the original engine (type 536) is in the car as it’s different from the 1.6L “stock” because of different cams and slightly bigger intake valves.


Also the interiors – including the peculiar front seats – seem complete, but in need of a total refurbishment (as the whole car). The good is that you can find on the market whatever you need to replace on this car, both for mechanics and body/trims/interiors, the bad is that probably the final value of the car will be lower than what you spent on it: but it’s only a matter of time, few time. Find it for sale at $5,400 here in Fredericksburg, VA.


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