Primerose chic: 1958 Fiat 1200 TV Trasformabile


It’s the first time we see such color on a late ’50’s Fiat: it seems a british Primerose Yellow used on period Triumph TR3 or MG A. However, we have no reasons to doubt that it’s the original color as italians spend much care about the correctness of restorations.


Indeed this car seems to have been fully restored, probably starting from a good raw material. This is a 1200 which, although it doesn’t have some glamorous details of the 1100 TV Trasformabile, like the beautiful steering wheel and the double instruments cluster, it features the unique rotating seats to let the ladies get in and out of the car in an elegant way.


As a 1200, wheels are more ordinary than its predecessor (which had some dèco fake-wired hubcaps) and it hasn’t the frenched headlights; however it’s a real head turner and whatching this car you can’t avoid to think at the summertime. The asking price is not so sunny but we hardly believe that a car like this, in such conditions, could be cheaper than this. Find it for sale at €29,400 (today $38,000) here in Carasco, Italy.

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