This is spartan: 1952 Land Rover 80″


80″ is not the displacement but the wheelbase of this early Land Rover. The model year 1952 was the first to have a two liters inline-four engine, differently from the cars between 1948 and 1951 which had a 1.6L unit. 1952 is also the first year in which these cars changed their classification from “commercial” to “multi-purpose” vehicle. This particular car looks very good; it seems recently restored, however the seller says thet it is an excellent “preserved” car.


The ultra-spartan interiors look good too. For sure, there aren’t many accessories to fix. What we can see through the photos is nice.


Maybe the engine bay only would need some more detailing, but you should do it only if you’re going to show it to your golf club friends. Find it for sale at €14,500 (today $18,500) here in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

One thought on “This is spartan: 1952 Land Rover 80″

  1. The panels are too shiny for a genuine Land Rover :-)

    I agree with you that it looks like it has almost certainly been restored, even ‘over restored’ in the eyes of some hard core Land Rover owners! ;-)

    I’m not too keen on ultra shiny panels on a classic Land Rover myself, they are vehicles that should be used daily and having panels that perfect would mean you’d be worried about car park dings, especially with super soft alloy skins.

    My wife and I have a couple of old Land Rovers (a Series 2 and Series 3) and both are covered in dents and blemishes and my wifes truck even has a roller painted finish! All part of the character for me, her old truck does approx 5K miles a year, mostly around town and rural lanes so it is nice not to worry about keeping it spotless. However, with other classics such as sports cars I do prefer to see a perfect finish as when new they would have been expensive and cherished vehicles lovingly waxed by their owners unlike most Land Rovers that were sold as working trucks.

    We also like the looks of the basic, stripped out and spartan interior although the noise does get to you eventually as my partial deafness will attest to…..


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