Vintage purple: 1948 Fiat 1100 Trasformabile by Balbo


Balbo coackworks built many special Fiat between the ’30’s and the ’50’s, this car is one of those specials. The seller says few about this car, but watching some period photos this car seems correct (at least from outside). The front end recalls many american cars of the same period, especially Chrysler.



A bit more effort in taking pictures would have been a great thing, but this is it. We wonder if purple is the original color: quite an odd choice back then.


Interiors seem period correct in their charming late decò style. Steering wheel is very, very nice. Engine bay looks correct as well. Sure, this is a great car to show at a concours of elegance: we think that those photos really penalize the presentation of this very rare car. Although the published asking price is €10,000, we used to know that the seller was asking for €65,000 (today $84,500). You can find this car here in Vicopisano, Italy.

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