Sugarman’s idea: 1967 Ghia-Chrysler 450 SS Spider


During the ’50’s and ’60’s, Chrysler often contacted Ghia for some collaboration works for designing and/or manufacturing of its custom show cars. The Ghia 450 SS  is said to be the result of an idea of Burt Sugarman, an Hollywood producer, who pushed Ghia to build such car, both in coupè and spider versions.


So, what we have here is an italian bodied car pushed by a 273 c.i. Chrysler engine which should produce 275 h.p. Better: this particular car, once produced 275 h.p: now it produces rust only. This car will be quite fascinating once restored but it needs work, a lot of work, to shine again. The seller says that the front clip, along with the grill, is with the car and that the front fenders are heavily damaged.


Good news about interiors which seem in good shape: don’t deceive yourself, they need to be redone anyway. Engine and transmission will be easy, and not that expensive, to rebuild but it’s difficult to say if the final value of this car, once perfectly restored, will cover all the costs involved. Find it for sale here in Indianapolis, IN, with a b.i.n. price of $35,000.


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