Something’s still there: 1958 Abarth 750 Record Monza by Zagato


This skeleton is said to have been an official Team Roosvelt race car. The seller says that it joined a lot of period events like Sebring in 1959, after it was been shown at New York Autoshow of the same year.


The seller provides many photos which, according to us, are not necessary in this particular case. This former car is completely rusted, with the obvious exception of the aluminium body, and it needs a complete rebuild by many skilled hands.


The car lacks of everthing, including the main part: the Record Monza was fitted with a precious (and extremely delicate) 750 c.c. dohc Abarth engine which is quite impossible to find now. And when you find it, be prepared to put on it serious money. Basically the potential buyer is getting a chassis number along with some period photos. Find it for sale here in Goleta, CA, with bidding under $10,000 and no b.i.n. price.


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