Uncle’s car: 1973 Saab Sonnett III

If, looking at this Swedish car, you have the impression of recognizing the Italian style of the time, you are not wrong.

The designer of this small Swedish berlinetta is in fact Sergio Coggiola, a little-known car designer who, however, had important experiences such as the one at Ghia. Either way, the Sonnett IIII oozes “70s” from all angles. The engine is a 1700 cc Ford EU V4 which produced 65hp: in reality it had greater potential but was weakened to make it meet the anti-pollution regulations which at the time were beginning to take hold seriously.

The specimen in question is said to have belonged to an uncle of the seller who owned it for about ten years, he also says that there is the very typical rust in the middle floor pan, in the battery area, and outer rockers toward the front , but also says that the engine has good compression and, of course, the fiberglass body does not cause corrosion concerns. Find it for sale at $3,497 here in Auburn, CA.


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