Almost convertible: 1961 Porsche 356B T5 Notchback

It is not the first time that we have published a Porsche of this type which, on balance, is one of the rarest versions of the legendary 356.

The fact that it is rare is easily understood: it is certainly not the most beautiful version of the 356, on the contrary, it remains a mystery to us as to the reasons that prompted the German factory to take a 356 Cabriolet and weld a hardtop onto it, since there is it was already the coupé version in production.

However, as already mentioned, the fact remains that this is a version now sought after by collectors of the brand and this car in particular has a peculiarity: it has a factory-installed ragtop, an option we have never seen before but apparently the Seller has all the original invoices proving authenticity – Also, the engine appears to have matching numbers although there are no photos (or at least we haven’t seen them) to back up these claims. It is difficult to assess the condition of the body as there are few detail photos and no photos of the underbody, but it is probably still a car worth inspecting for yourself. Find it for sale at $79,500 here in Orange, CA,


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