Ragtop truck: 1948 Fiat 500B Autocarro

We have seen around some Fiat 500C with this configuration, but never a “B” series.

This vehicle is not to be defined simply as rare, but very rare: we do not know whether it left the factory like this or, if the modification was made later than its birth, who made it; surely this is not a modification carried out in the garage but by some body shop specializing in this type of work, too bad there is no information about it.

It is the typical vehicle owned by small companies and craftsmen who needed to transport bulky loads in the narrow streets of the historic centers of Italian cities and it is a miracle that it has reached the present day: it has been fully restored both inside and outside, including the red oblique stripe required by law on this type of vehicle. Last but not least, the vehicle also carries the original black plate and a ragtop roof. Find it for sale at €18,500 (today $20,500) here in Genova, Italy.


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